Our Mission

We deal with people at their most stressed, most vulnerable. We understand the trust you place in us to do our job professionally, to keep your confidence, and to get what you need.

We listen to you. We take the time to understand what it is you need, why you need it, and what has lead you to this point. Then, we develop a plan to deliver what you need. Whether it's a name, an address, a photo, a video, or just confirmation of what you think you already know, we understand that everyone's needs are different.

We take the time to understand what it is you need, then develop a plan to deliver it. We care, the way you care.
— Privatei.com.au Mission Statement

How We Do It

  • A range of investigative techniques, online, on foot, by car, by water, and even by air.
  • A range of equipment, from hidden cameras to night vision, GPS Tracking systems to WiFi penetration tools, and even remotely controlled drone aircraft.
  • A range of skill-sets, including surveillance, interviewing, technical and computer skills, and most of all, people skills.
  • A range of backgrounds, including Military, Policing, Legal Practice, Human Resources and Management.

Our Services

Our Surveillance services include:

  • Covert surveillance; following someone without them knowing, noting where they go and who they meet with, complete with video/photos where possible.
  • Static surveillance; monitoring a known location for who comes and goes, including video/photographic evidence.
  • Geolocation; monitoring and reporting on the current or historical location of a person or object.
  • Site monitoring and Hidden Camera Placement

We can advise on the most appropriate methods based on the circumstances of your case.

You're In Control

Exactly what activities are undertaken, how long is spent doing them, and the method and frequency of reporting back to you are all at your discretion; some clients prefer a single report at the end of the project, some prefer to follow events in real-time using our online reporting service.

The project is always under your control, and we work to your specifications and requirements.

We also have several package deals offering substantial savings. For more information on Pricing and Packages, click here. 


Our Investigation Services include:

  • Locating people, including relatives, lost friends
  • Identifying addresses, workplaces and other information for a known person
  • Social network engineering to create information feeds
  • WiFi Network Penetration
  • Witness interviewing
  • WorkSafe / OHS Investigations
  • Identification; obtaining identity and other information about an unknown person.

We also conduct many other kinds of investigations. Contact us to find out more. 

Service of Legal Documents

We act as Process Servers in Victoria, specialising in difficult or obstructive recipients, and those avoiding service. 

For more information click here. 

Mystery Shopping

We offer a range of covert Mystery Shopping services to businesses who want an objective report on their sales and customer service staff, or who are concerned about passing off or counterfeiting. 

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Existing Clients

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