What's this all about?

Experimental Anthropology  The scientific study of the origin, behaviour, the physical, social, and cultural development of people through observation, and the formation, testing and examination of the validity of hypotheses.

While I'm in the United States, this is where I'll be posting my insightful commentary, delightful imagery and frightful tales of ignorance and religiosity.

You can also look forward to:
  • an alien abduction encounter
  • southern border security analysis including Penetration Testing
  • embedded journalism from the camp of a polygamist cult
  • an interview with someone who thinks the universe is 6000 years old
  • life-imitating-art experiences of scenes from ReligulousThe Hills Have Eyes, Duel and Deliverance (no, not that scene)
  • various amusing observations & random ramblings 

It is guaranteed* to be entertaining, disturbing, amusing, frightening, slightly uncomfortable, and to have you laughing, crying, sneezing and spending a short time in a fugue state.

*Money-back guarantee; entry fee cheerfully refunded.