The other side of Oahu

The South West coast of Oahu is a bit different.

Wind swept and dry, the steep slopes are almost bare, and reach almost to the water's edge, providing a home for the little ferret-looking animals (weasels?) that dash across the road in front of the car as I drive along.

This coast is also home to a group of people who live in a kind of shanty town, built into the brush that lines the road on the seaward side. The 50ft of low trees that border the coast here are filled with long-term tents, tarps, and rusted out cars which are clearly current dwellings. Picture a cross between Swiss Family Robinson and that shop that sells junk they salvaged from the local garbage dump.

I was short onetime so didn't get a chance to drop in and say hello to any, and wasn't sure a photo without introductions would have been favorable received.

It may be that they are taking advantage of some kind of legal limbo created by a mis-drawn boundary on an official map ... Or it may just be that they've nowhere else to go. In my romantic fancy, I prefer the former option.


Off to New York in an hour or so. I'll be cold before I know it. :)