The deep south - Louisiana

Now that I'm in LA, the food has diversified. It's still mostly
burgers, tacos and fried chicken, but there are pockets of gumbo and
turducken (which originated in Louisiana) amogst them. I've not yet
found the Nutria, Alligator or Mud Snake I'm looking forward to
trying, but I still have time - perhaps in New Orleans tomorrow.

For the first time, Catholic churches have appeared beside the road.
I'm not sure that I've seen any others the whole time I've been
driving through the south, but with the French historical influence
here in Louisiana, it stands to reason that they'd be here. They're
actually competing with Baptist churches down here, which is
astounding given the 95% prevalence of Baptists across Texas and

It rained a fair bit today, but was warm (15-20C). Down on the bayou,
houses are of 3 kinds; queenslander-like structures on stilts, regular
houses built up on little man made mounds a few metres above the
flats, and half-destroyed houses, not rebuilt since the last
hurricane. The latter type make up about half the buildings in these
parts. There are lots of abandoned buildings, both residential and
commercial, empty car lots, closed motels, and "Rent This Space"
roadside billboards. You know you're not is the best part of town when
the $20 bill you proffered for your coffee is heavily scrutinized and
then goes straight in the safe!

Southern Louisiana's version of a forest. A little damp under foot.