Stuck in Hurley, NM

The snow is coming down out here, as they say out this way. It's blowing 30-60 mph and it could drop 5-10 inches of snow today.

I don't understand why you would by a 3 ton pickup truck with a real wheel 2WD when you live somewhere it snows like this. Obviously they are going to get stuck as soon as it snows. And sure enough, here they are, all over the road, skidding and sliding around, ir stuck in ditches on the side. And the road is closed for the moment, with a sheriff car, a police car (I don't really understand the difference) and some road people who have orange flags on their trucks - hopefully not to indicate the position of the vehicle when covered in snow (they are very tall flags). They are saying it's blowing 65 miles an hour down a bit further and a truck blew off the road, so they closed it.

Looks like I'll have to head back up to Silver City, and either get out on another road or stay there tonight. If I get stuck somewhere I'll be fine; down sleeping bag, bivvy bag, warm clothes and multiple sets of thermals, good snow boots... And heaps of food and water. Oh, and fireworks for signaling. I'll be fine buried in snow for about 2 weeks. So I'm gonna go get a coffee then head back towards Silver City.


Someone looking authoritative - he has a flag.


The road block.