Shopping Centers that aren't

A dusty, falling-down supermarket, a Zippy's, a Blockbuster and at
least 5 banks - this is what is defined on Oahu as a "Shopping
Center". No coffee, no other services...

On the subject of coffee, I'm learning to look for "espesso" instead
of "coffee" so that when I get a cup, it's actually worth drinking.
I'm also getting used to putting the milk in for myself.

I've never seen bank branches in such high density before - they rival
Jack In The Box franchises, and that's saying something, at one store
per 3/4 mile. (I've been driving around for a day now and I'm starting
to think in their measurements) It makes me suspect they get some king
of tax advantage for being here.

I haven't crashed the car, despite a few times when I found everyone
else was on the wrong side of the road for a moment. It's like those
experiments where you wear glasses which overt your vision... Takes a
little getting used to, but then your brain pretty much just inverts
the picture and it all looks normal. I wonder if I'll start writing
with my left hand because of it? I'll check for other hand-swaps when
I next pee.