New York, New Yo... Something something

New York.
The city that never sleeps.
Except between the hours of 6am and 5pm, when the place is a ghost town, at least in winter. For a city with so many densely packed inhabitants, you hardly see any of them. They must be hiding, like Meer Cats or Thylacines. I've heard people say they 'love' NY. I haven't worked out why, just yet.

It's a city, and it's large. It has lots of live shows (I've seen one, and have 4 more booked).
It has museums.
That's about it, right?

The shopping is not as good as a well-done shopping centre, but is spread out so it takes longer. Perhaps this adds to the sense of achievement people get from the activity, but it doesn't improve the experience to me.

It doesn't have a good market. They have small craft-type markets, and some small farmers markets, but nothing since Washington Market was demolished in 1968 to build the World Trade Center. Now you have to go to the Bronx for that kind of thing, I'm told. Canal Street is a blight on the landscape, full of over 50 cloned stores all selling exactly the same crap - fake gold watches and cheap Chinese import clothing you'd definitely wash a couple of times before wearing. It's as if they all have the one wholesaler and can't find anything else to sell. Weird. The locals are scrupulously polite, but won't start a conversation. I don't think it's because I look scary - I had 7 separate people ask me for directions today, so I guess that means I'm approachable enough, and that I blend in and look like a local. The traffic is bad, but the parking is cheaper than the Sydney CBD.

The financial district is a total wasteland... I think I saw a tumbleweed. It's also not as big as I thought.

It has museums. I like museums, but not enough to live near one (or even several).

It has some parks, but only make up for it being mostly concrete otherwise.

The architecture is nice... But most of it isn't all that old. Lots of 1920s and 30s, but I prefer older. The food is expensive and nothing special. Haven't found a burger that competes with my local fish and chip shop. They put in a good beef pattie, but they don't seem to actually flavor it, so it all comes out fairly bland unless you flood it in condiments... And then it's not really the actual burger that's good, is it?
I don't understand why people love NY, other than the same reason fishermen love the sea - because it would be pretty depressing otherwise. Perhaps I'll see a different side to it later, but at the moment you couldn't pay me enough to live here.


Wonder if it always says that?


Brooklyn Bridge




The Rockettes, Radio City Music Hall