New Orleans - French Quarter

The French Quarter of New Orleans is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a little
like Old Montreal - except it's 10 times bigger, a lot friendlier,
warmer, and architecturally it's ostensibly untouched since 1900.

The entire area is full of streets where every single building was
built between about 1800 and 1900, and while maintenance is encouraged
(at least sufficient to keep them from falling down), renovating or
updating is completely absent. The result is miles and miles of
streets 'frozen in time' at around 1900, complete with working gas
lamps and horse drawn carriages in every other street.

It's really quite amazing that nothing has been updated, torn down or
replaced, and it makes for gorgeous street-walking if you're into old

If you've never heard Louisiana Creole spoken, let me describe it:
think of the voice of the voodoo priestess in 'Pirates of the
Caribbean', or some other quintessential Jamaican, then make a third
of the words French, a third English, and the last third
indecipherable. It's great fun just listening and trying to work out
what's being said.

The police station is 150 years old. While i was standing across the
street admiring its lack of modification since construction, out of
the coach entrance came two police on scooters and two on Segways
(those 2 wheeled things you stand upright on). Talk about mixing old
with new...

A typical street