Louisiana into Mississippi

You might be interested to know that here in Louisiana, where 5 years
ago the flooding from Katrina pretty much destroyed most of the state
to the point that only 1/2 or 2/3 of it is rebuilt even now, many are
very much aware of the fact that Australia is flooded. I'm not sure
they know anything else about Australia, they didn't seem to know it
had been dry before, and I'm not sure they could find us on a map, but
they do know it's now wet.

I had a interesting chat today with Jim, who is 80 in August, whose
house was under 8 feet of water after Katrina, and who still loudly
laments with obvious disappointment the unfortunate result of the
"Northern Aggression" (the American Civil War). Some of his 'facts'
are a little dubious when it comes to his description of the Native
Guard (the black southerners fighting against the north). I might have
been convinced by his vehemence had I not already visited the Civil
War Museum in New Orleans and read all about them. He also seems to
use the word 'Yankee' with great disdain, and brands everyone from
"north of the line" with the label, from politicians to tourists.

You've seen Queenslander houses - and they've traditionally had the
same kind of homes on stilts here. Since Katrina, they seem to have
decided that the regular height just wasn't enough, so new houses are
being built twice as far off the ground.