Ghost towns

Ruby, Gleeson, Pearce, and some others - I've visited a few ghost towns over the past few days. The picture below shows the main building left in Pearce AZ - if you look closely, you can see the side walls are 19th century mud brick, but still look pretty good.


The plains as you cross the border from Arizona into New Mexico have warning signs about dust storms and reduced visibility, and right on cue, a few big dust clouds blew across the road ahead of me.


Tonight I'm in a $20 motel in a $30 town. Last night's desert camp was nicer. Lordsburg NM is aching to be a ghost town. Most of the buildings in town are falling apart; it's almost as if the architecture has moved to ghost-town level while there are people still here. There is only one fast food joint left in town - a death knell if ever there was one. It appears the town's main claim to fame is fireworks. It's the first major town on the interstate in New Mexico once you leave Arizona. New Mexico has the honor of being able to sell skyrockets and M80 style firecrackers, both of which are illegal in Arizona, so as you can imagine, there is a steady stream of Arazonains coming here loading up. It appears to menthe major export of the town. The motel is the cheapest in town - a little grubby, right next to the freight railway, and the door looks like it's been kicked in at least once (I am not exaggerating) but the free cable TV and wifi is a bonus when a bed and a hot shower is all I was after.

If this town were 5 miles from the interstate, or maybe even 3 ... It would be gone already. Lucky for Lordsburg, it's right on the road.