Georgia on my mind

Alabama ... Bland. Some nice forest, some swamp, but some seriously
unfriendly people. Mainly black unfriendly people, with a patent air
of ... What? Superiority? Entitlement? In one place people push ahead
of you in line, in another they literally push you out of the way, and
in another they span the whole sidewalk and walking towards you, they
leave you nowhere to go - then look at you as if you just spit at them
because one of them finally has to sidestep. What's with that? Is it
because I'm white? Do I owe them deference? It's quite unpleasant. And
as soon as I was in Georgia, it was gone! Everyone is friendly again.

Pic 1. Old grist mill for grinding corn. They will still grind your
corn for $20 a bushel, even now! I didn't have any corn to grind.
Pic 2. A 1906 covered bridge.
Pic 3. Ditto on the bridge. And it's only washed away the one time, in
1906, since it was first built in 1890.
Pic 4. That armor wasn't designed to protect them from cars, apparently.
Pic 5. Yes, I am happy to see you.