Fredricksburg, TX

Settled in 1846 by German migrants, Fredricksburg is a gorgeous little town, resplendent with entire streets full of 150 year old freestone houses - a hundred of them at least. The farmland around the town is full of 120+ year old farm cottages in a similar style, most of which are still occupied by families of the same name as the ones who built them. 87 year old Frieda at the historical society says she can tell a real local by their accent when they're speaking german, because the first wave of immigrants all came from the same small German district.

The farms are fairly small out to about 20 miles, most appearing to be about 25 acres. They also have an interesting way of farming: they let the place go native (low scrub to Australian eyes) the fill it with deer, then charge people to wander around shooting them. This is a common land use between here and the border to the south, with huge areas of land full od this scrubland, punctuated by deer hides, which are 20ft high steel towers with small plywood cubby houses on top, complete with rifle slits. Doesn't seem fair, somehow. Farmhouse 10 miles out of town


Farm house 5 miles out of town


A typical Fredricksburg street


Built in 1867


Built in 1873