East Texas

East is a little different to West. For one thing, it's on the other side. Then there's the spelling - clearly a letter or two are different. Then there's the dramatic difference in the look of the country.

The east is slightly hilly, and more forested. It's still private land, covered in do-not-enter signs, but there is a clear rainfall difference and the soil is fine and sandy rather than course and rocky. It appears nit to have experienced volcanism as recently. No entry to the state park I was going to camp in, unless you're shooting stuff.


Old store, now in the middle of nowhere, all by itself surrounded by fields.


East Texan forest. It seems the only land uses worth setting aside forest in Texas are hunting, and cutting it down.


I had come to bury a body, but the sign said I needed a plot first. I wonder how many people were buried here randomly before they put up the sign? It is an 1849 cemetery in the middle of the forest, but still...


One of the many oil rigs in east Texas. In the west, they're little things maybe 10m high with the traditional big swinging pump heads, like you see on old movies. Here they are huge towers right beside the road, with a few acres set aside, then surrounded by paddocks full of cattle.