Arizona; Phoenix to Prescott

North of Phoenix is a museum town where they have collected old buildings, farmhouses etc from all over the state to save them from demolition, trucked them here, and dropped them off, arranged in a kind of a 'town' layout. Some of the buildings date back o the 1840s.

This is Jimmy - his collection of random old stuff (behind him) is pretty impressive looking. He's pretty impressive looking himself. We had a long yarn about traveling across the country and where he gets his old stuff; markets, garage sales, farms - mostly east of the Mississippi, where there were historically more people during the period.


This is an original 1852 farm house from out on the plains.


Looks like a ghost town in the desert, eh?


This is a historic town on the way to Prescott, AZ (pronounced 'press-kt') but the important part (the bit that caught my eye) is up on the hill.


A zoom-in... Says it all really.