DNA Testing

Not sure if a child is yours? Not sure who your father is?  You're not alone. In an average year we help about 100 people confirm paternity, one way or another. 

Our DNA Testing service is specially designed for those who require a non-voluntary sample from one of the parties. We deploy a highly trained and qualified Private Investigator to obtain photographs of the subject, get information about their movements and habits, and obtain a DNA sample suitable for testing. We then arrange the test for you, entirely confidentially, and get you the results - usually within 7 days.  

The DNA Lab we engage is ISO 17025 accredited - not a backyard operation - and the results are delivered securely online. In most cases one of the parties supplies a voluntary sample, which is done by mail using the test kit sent to you. The other sample is non-voluntary, and involves us obtaining a sample from a third party without their knowledge. 

Exact pricing depends on the circumstances of the case, including whether you know where the subject of the test lives, works, their movements, etc, but full service pricing starts at $1499 for one voluntary and one non-voluntary sample. 

If you would like more information, or would like to arrange a DNA Test, please contact us