Find a Missing Person - Database Search

The first level of finding someone is a Database Search.
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This involves using the information you provide to search through a number of large proprietary databases we have access to, to try to find a match for the person you're looking for. In the majority if cases this is successful, however it is possible that no suitable results will be found. We cannot know the result until we try the searches. You are paying for the searches - we cannot guarantee desired results.

Please provide as much detail as you can, and describe what information it is that you're looking for. For example, if you already know the phone number this may help us find the address; if you already know the address this may help us find the phone number(s). Note that a mobile number is less likely to appear in the data, and a first name with no surname has very little value. 

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Who are you looking for?
Approximate is ok, or a rough age if necessary. DD / MM / YY format please.
If these are historical, please include when or roughly when you know the subject to have had the number.
If known
Address in as much detail as known,. If just suburb or just state known, please enter this. If historical, please tell us when the person was at this address.
Names of other people the subject may be living with, or has lived with in the past
Eg. Former addresses (with dates if possible), former phone numbers, people the subject may be living with, etc. Please email us a photograph at if possible.
Court Orders *
Please confirm that no court order exists which restricts you from locating, contacting or placing surveillance on the person(s) involved in this inquiry.


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