Serving the community

We are part of your Community

We engage in a number of Community Service activities, including

  • Providing evidence related to the commission of crimes which happen around us (see example)
  • Facilitating secure Credit Card transactions for not-for-profit community organisations
  • Conducing Training Exercises which identify and collect evidence on real-world cases of infidelity and criminal offences

Credit CarD TRANSACTIONS for Community Organisations

We provide secure, on-site Credit Card facilities to a number of not-for-profit community organisations. This allows these organisations to receive payments and donations using credit cards where they would not otherwise have this facility.

We do not accept any fees of commission, and all payments processed are transferred directly to the organisation involved.

Criminal Evidence

We make Crime Stoppers reports, including providing evidence, for offences we see taking place around us. We do not seek out these events, but as we are often sitting quietly and watching during surveillance operations, we find that we are not noticed by the perpetrators and the offences take place around us. 

In such cases, where it does not interfere with an ongoing case, we obtain photographic, video and other evidence of the offences and provide this to police and the parties involved. 

Where it is appropriate to prevent the continuation of an offence we may also intervene, just as any other member of the community may. 

We do not accept any fees for this service, including where it results in us providing evidence in court.


We regularly conduct Training Exercises which identify and collect evidence on real-world cases of infidelity and occasionally on actual criminal offences. 

Where we identify a case of this nature during a Training Exercise, we may identify the other parties affected and notify them of the event, including providing evidence. 

We do not ask any money for this, however if an affected party chooses to offer a nominal amount to express their gratitude we may accept this gratuity. To offer a Gratuity Payment, use the button below.