CCTV & Security Systems

We not only Private Investigators; we are also registered Security Advisers and Security System Installers. We offer a range of services, from security consulting to fully installed alarm and CCTV systems.

Security Alarm Systems


Install an automated alarm systems to help keep your home or business safe, both when you're not there, and when you are. Multiple zones including 'home' zones allow you to secure parts of your property and freely walk around others, alerting you when someone is where they shouldn't be, like under your house, in your roof, in your garage or yard. Simple or complex, we have the solution for your property.


Wireless Alarm System (WA103)
- Powered main unit and siren with built-in battery backup 
- Wifi connectivity, with iPhone and Android Apps for arm/disarm and alerts when alarm is triggered 
- 3 x Remote Controls for arm/disarm 
- 5 x Passive Infrared area sensors 
- 6 x Door sensors 
- Standard install included, power and wifi available

+ Optional remote keypad for arm/disarm, separate from main unit 

$399 Installed

CCTV Systems


Non-standard installation work includes things such as running cabling to remote locations where power is not available, adding mounting plates to solid walls or metal surfaces to allow cameras or sensors to be attached, etc. Electrician or other specialist work not included.
Where additional 'hardware' type items are required for an install, such as extension cords, power boards, sealant etc, these are charged at cost-paid, or you can purchase them yourself.

Wired and wireless CCTV with High Definition cameras and 24/7 recording. Forget about grainy video that confirms what you already know - someone was there. Record HD video so you have evidence you can use, day or night. Single or multi-camera systems available, with remote-access, motion detection and night vision capabilities. We also offer hidden cameras - it's harder to avoid cameras you can't see.


- 8 x HD day/night infrared weatherproof cameras, with wireless signal transmission.  
- Main unit stores all video safely on 2TB Hard drive for up to 3 weeks 24/7 recording on all channels. Main unit cabled to network/internet, wirelessly connects to cameras. 
- Internet connectivity with Android and iOS apps for live viewing camera and downloading recorded video. 
- Motion detection capability with remote alerting to phone apps, or by email etc 
- VGA-out; compatible with local screen for live view or recorded video display 
- Live view and recorded video available on PC using web browser (without app) 
- All access username and password protected, multiple users can be created 
- Standard install included, power and internet available

$899 Installed

Other Services


Security Consulting

Our Security Consulting Team are Licensed Private Investigators who are also registered and approved Security Advisers - a rare combination, perfectly suited to providing advice on your security needs. We'll assess your site, review your needs and advice you need to secure your premises, from alarms, CCTV and access control, through to house and garden design guidance and office planning.

Penetration Testing

The Team also provides physical penetration testing services, ideal for people moving into "secure" high rise apartment complexes or offices with fancy-looking access control systems. We demonstrate the flaws in your systems and processes and provide advice on how to lock them down.