Surveillance Drones

Increasingly, concerns are being expressed in various media that Drones, or Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs) could be the end of us all. Foreign drones, terrorist drones, and home made drones are some of the next things for us all to fear – apparently. For less than $500, it’s entirely possible to build a self-guided drone which will fly 100km along a predetermined route and crash itself into a selected target. I should add at this point that this is not a service we offer!

What we do offer is services which include the application of Drones we have built here at including both fixed-wing and multi-rotor unmanned surveillance aircraft with ranges of up to 30km.

In a recent case, we sent one of our UAVs on a GPS-guided journey to photograph a remote camp site in the South Australian desert. Our drone took off, flew over 10km and then collected video and photographic evidence confirming the nature of the activities going on there and identifying those participating, all without the knowledge of those present, and all entirely lawfully. It then automatically returned to our camp site and landed, following its pre-programmed instructions, without our intervention.

This is not the kind of service which other Private Investigators are able to offer, and is another example of why you should chose

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