Hunting, Fishing, Camping, or Something Else? Nowhere to Hide.

On a recent weekend we tracked a man up into the hills where he was supposedly camping, hunting and fishing with friends. Instead, the man stopped at a rural residence and picked up a female, then proceeded out into the state forest.

At his campsite by the creek in the bottom of a steep 4WD track, he and the woman appeared to enjoy themselves, fishing - and doing other things - while his wife was at home with his two children. 

Video and photographs, including night vision, were taken by our investigators who were dressed in camouflage and hidden nearby. The were able to get close enough to the campsite to overhear the two people's conversation. Thinking they were miles from the nearest person, they were quite open and frank in their discussion. 

There is nowhere to hide from our investigators. Their vehicle camouflaged and hidden some kilometres away, they walked in to the campsite and spent hours laying silently in the bush to get the evidence our client needed.