Unpaid Debts

We are a small business, and have limited power to force debtors to pay what they owe. We trade in information, and this is the only commodity we hold. The following information about our debtors is published in accordance with our Standard Terms. The following have failed to settle their account after numerous reminders and continue to owe money. To have the information herein removed, they need only to pay their account.

  • November 2014
    Brett Cotton 0418122385 brettrcotton@mail.com
    Brett Cotton engaged our investigator to undertake surveillance on Mr Daniel G* and Mrs Helen C* in contravention of an intervention order. He then failed to make full payment. We discovered the existence of the intervention order after the service was provided. A statement was made to police.

  • May 2015
    Melina Djordjevic 0447221331 Melina.Djordjevic@cmc.com
    Ms Djordjevic failed to make payment related to the service of a legal document.